Cold Bend Tooling

Tube bending is only possible if you have the proper tooling to bend the tube size and wall thicknesses at the bend radius you need.  Most often, it takes 7 pieces of tooling to enable 1 tube to be bent.  What is most unique to Mark IV is that it has an over 55 year accumulated inventory of bend tooling.  This bend tooling inventory is available to our clients TODAY.  This means you can save between $5000 - $40,000 or more on current jobs or future jobs by designing your products to our existing tooling. 

If our bend tooling inventory does not meet your needs, we will design and build tooling to meet your needs and will charge a fraction of the cost of other suppliers.  We can do this because of our in house capabilities and trade manufacturing secrets.

Most tube bending companies will tell you they can absolutely bend and fabricate to your requirements and specifications, but they may not have the tooling available to do this, thus having to add more cost to your job.  We have the capability and enough tooling in most cases to perform easy bending or hard bending methods.  We also provide and have the ability to offer complex bends on different planes.

Mark IV has bend tooling and equipment designed to bend without using heat.  Cold bending which is really the same thing as mandrel tube bending is what we specialize in.  Mark IV performs all bends and has the bend tooling inventory to save you money and time.  Please view the full line of bend tooling for round tube bending, square tube bending, rectangular tube bending, and oval tube bending below. For more information, Contact US or call 1-800-663-4760 today!

Download Bending Tool Charts Here