About Us

Tube Bending Machine

Located in Los Angeles, Mark IV has been tube bending in California for over 55 years.  Our company was founded by men and women who were intrigued and challenged to bend tubing in ways that had never been done before.  In fact, Mark IV made its first tube bending machine.  Much has changed since then, but one thing that has remained a constant is Mark IV’s leading role in getting things done that for some seemed impossible.

Tube fabricating can be challenging.  In fact, tube bending may be called more of an "Art" than a "Science" since material can react very differently when you try to bend it.  Mark IV has mastered the "Art"of tube bending.  Bending carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other alloys is no problem for Mark IV.  There are endless combinations of ways to make products out of tubing.  Round tubing, square tubing, rectangular tubing even oval tubing are some of the options one faces these days.  Mark IV has the ability to work with all of these shapes in myriads of sizes ranging from 1/2" OD to 6"OD and even larger.

Our mission statement is simple "IF IT’S MADE OUT OF TUBING … WE CAN DO IT". To that end Mark IV, in an effort to provide for its customers, has added many value added services to its tube bending capabilities. These services include: tube cutting, tube end forming, tube welding, tube drilling, tube punching and piercing, with the latest addition being tube laser cutting. We even offer the finishing touches like Powder Coating, zinc plating and complete packaging.

Our company has been designed to be a place where you can literally come for one of our services such as tube bending or several services such as: tube cutting, drilling and bending. In our efforts to suit our customers, of which some are also manufacturers, Mark IV has recognized the need for some of our customers to outsource some of the more challenging aspects of tube fabricating to us.

But, we didn’t stop there.  As more and more companies focused on sales and marketing of their tube products, they have chosen to not get into the manufacturing end of the business at all and to focus solely on the marketing, selling and distribution of their products.  Mark IV saw this need and stepped up once again by creating a place for them as well.  We can not only fabricate your product, but we can completely finish, package, and palletize your product and arrange for shipment to your distribution point. For more information on how Mark IV Metal Products can help you business, please Contact Us today.